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DAC 2023

Cadence at #60DAC

Cadence and AI at #60DAC

Paul Cunningham from Cadence presented at the #60DAC Pavilion and gave one of the most optimistic visions of AI applied to EDA that I’ve witnessed, so hopefully I can convey some of his enthusiasm and outright excitement in my blog report. Mr. Cunningham reviewed the various ages of EDA design with each era providing about a 10X productivity improvement: Transistor-level, cell-based, RTL reuse, AI-driven system design.

Alphawave Semi

Alphawave Semi Visit at #60DAC

On Wednesday at #60DAC I met Sudhir Mallya, Sr. VP Corporate Marketing at Alphawave Semi to get an update about what’s been happening at their IP company and with industry trends. The tagline for their company is: Accelerating the Connected World; and they have IP for connectivity, offer chiplet solutions, and even provide custom silicon that are optimized per application. The company recently announced a 3nm tape-out on July 10th to prove out chiplets for generative AI applications that use a High Bandwidth Memory 3 (HBM3) PHY and Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) PHY IPs. The UCIe PHY IP supports die-to-die data rates of 24Gbps per lane. There’s been tremendous interest with custom silicon and chiplets, caused by the data explosion from using LLM and ChatGPT applications that require fast connectivity rates.

Accellera and Clock Domain Crossing at #60DAC

Accellera sponsored a luncheon panel discussion at #60DAC, so I registered and attended to learn more about one of the newest working groups for Clock Domain Crossing (CDC). An overview of Accellera was provided by Lu Dai, then the panel discussion was moderated by Paul McLellan of Cadence, with the following panel members:

Agile Analog Visit at #60DAC

Chris Morrison, Director of Product Marketing at Agile Analog met with me on the Tuesday at DAC this year, and I asked what has changed in the last year for their analog IP business. The short answer is that the company has initially built up foundation IP for Analog Mixed-Signal (AMS) uses, then recently added new IP for data conversion, power management and chip monitoring and health.

Keysight EDA

Keysight EDA visit at #60DAC

The opening day at DAC was Monday and I had an appointment with Simon Rance (Cliosoft) and Stephen Slater, Product Manager of Keysight EDA in their suite.  Back in February Daniel Nenni wrote about Keysight EDA acquiring Cliosoft, adding design data and IP management to their software offerings. I really wanted to hear how that acquisition was going at DAC.