DAC and it’s Founder, Pat Pistilli

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Today I had the pleasure of talking with Pat Pistilli by phone about how the Design Automation Conference got started, the early days of EDA and electronics design, and a sense of where we are at today. Pat is this … Continued

DAC47 Attendance Down 25%

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As you can tell by my title I don’t spin the numbers for our industry’s most popular trade show, so take a look at attendance over the past four years to see how the recession is slowing down for DAC … Continued

SPICE update from Mentor

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I talked with See-Mei Chan, Technical Marketing Manager at Mentor this morning because we couldn’t connect in Anaheim earlier this week. I wanted to better understand what is new with Eldo, the SPICE circuit simulator at Mentor. Q: How is … Continued

PathFinder – ESD Integrity for IC designs

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Who Jerome Toublanc, Principal Product Engineer at Apache Design Automation Overview Notes PathFinder – ESD integrity for advanced electronic circuits What is ESD? ESD for an IC at an IO pad. How do you protect your IC layout? Failure – … Continued


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CK Lee, Yong Dai CK Lee, CEO of CyberEDA History – Epic, Synopsys, Nassda, Synopsys Analog Design Debugging System (ADDS) – Helps IC designer to find bugs, RC values, compare simulation results. –          Still in beta stage right now Yong … Continued

Legend Design – MSIM, Turbo MSIM

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Who You-Pang Wei, President of Legend Design MSIM – SPICE simulator for IC and PCB, IBIS verification. Able to simulate RF, Std Cells and LCD (using Hybrid models). Measured data can be used to correct deficiencies in standard SPICE models. … Continued

Interoperability Breakfast – Synposys

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3D glasses to lighten us up TSMC and ST presenters Winner of 10th annual Tensing Norgay Interoperability Award: IEEE ISTO Overview For the past several years I’ve seen TSMC create the iPDK standard and seen modest adoption, then along comes … Continued