DAC and it’s Founder, Pat Pistilli

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Today I had the pleasure of talking with Pat Pistilli by phone about how the Design Automation Conference got started, the early days of EDA and electronics design, and a sense of where we are at today. Pat is this … Continued

DAC47 Attendance Down 25%

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As you can tell by my title I don’t spin the numbers for our industry’s most popular trade show, so take a look at attendance over the past four years to see how the recession is slowing down for DAC … Continued

SPICE update from Mentor

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I talked with See-Mei Chan, Technical Marketing Manager at Mentor this morning because we couldn’t connect in Anaheim earlier this week. I wanted to better understand what is new with Eldo, the SPICE circuit simulator at Mentor. Q: How is … Continued

Interoperability Breakfast – Synposys

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3D glasses to lighten us up TSMC and ST presenters Winner of 10th annual Tensing Norgay Interoperability Award: IEEE ISTO Overview For the past several years I’ve seen TSMC create the iPDK standard and seen modest adoption, then along comes … Continued

Library Technologies

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Who Mehmet Cirit, Founder of Library Technologies History I first met Mehmet at Silicon Compilers in the 80’s and have kept in touch with him over the years. What New product – Chip Timer, speeds up ASIC designs by building … Continued

DAC Pavilion Panel – Hot and SPICEy: Users Review Different Flavors of SPICE and Fast SPICE

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Our panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon was well attended, thanks to the lively discussion from our three panelists: Aaron Barker – Oracle, Broomfield, CO Pierluigi Daglio – STMicroelectronics, Agrate, Italy Jin-Qin Lu – Atheros Communications, Inc., Santa Clara, CA Aaron … Continued

Editor Dinner on Tuesday – Synopsys

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Blogging in EDA has its rewards and last night was a real treat as Synopsys provided a superb dinner experience at Mr. Stox in Anaheim. Editors, Bloggers and Synopsys folks enjoy socializing The fabled wine cellar, one bottle had a … Continued