DesignCon 2011

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I’ll be attending DesignCon on Monday and Tuesday, intending to visit the following companies to get an update on their EDA tools: Synopsys – HSPICE Cadence – Spectre, UltraSim, Silicon Realization Tanner EDA – PDK Concept Engineering – SpiceVision Pro … Continued

Faster IC Designs Without Using a Clock and With Delay Insensitive Results

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Digital designers are taught on day one that they must use synchronous logic design which employ a clock to synchronize all events in their IC design, and so it has been for decades. Unless of course you have ever designed … Continued

Thermal Analysis for IC Designs

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Ed Cheng, CEO at Gradient Design Automation recently spoke with me about his unique company focused on thermal analysis of IC designs. I first met Ed at Silicon Compilers in 1986, plus we both worked at Intel before that. Questions: … Continued

EDA and Philanthropy

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In a recession what EDA company would invest in philanthropy? Actually, many EDA companies have a long-term vision to be philanthropic and encourage a love for science in our younger generation. This month I was invited by Mentor Graphics to … Continued

EDA without using the Acronym EDA

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Two press releases came out today and they were both from major EDA companies that are now starting to position themselves without using the EDA acronym. Perhaps this is a new but subtle trend to remove the old-fashioned EDA label … Continued

Semiconductor IP Booms in Q2 2010

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EDAC publishes a quarterly report called the Market Statistics Service and I just read that Semiconductor IP sales jumped 35.3% in Q2 2010 compared to Q2 2009. The Americas region is still the largest sales territory however APAC grew the … Continued

An HP Laptop with Thermal Issues

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Three years ago I bought an HP Pavilion laptop (DV9000) with a 17inch display running Windows Vista. All has been well until last week when it died. My laptop symptoms were that I pushed the On button and the LED … Continued

Interoperability and EDA Bugs

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I’ll never forget the shock when I ran some SPICE simulations as a new college graduate working at Intel and my 5V part had a circuit that doubled the VCC supply towards 10V internally to boost the Word Line on … Continued

Ciranova Receives Intel Funding

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At the 2009 DAC I was visiting Ciranova at their booth when an Intel guy walked up and started talking excitedly with an executive about using Ciranova tools, at which point the executive asked me to ignore what was happening … Continued

Tanner EDA Tools Now on Linux

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Linux is a mainstream OS used by IC designers worldwide so Tanner EDA has good timing in offering a full-flow Analog IC Design Suite on Linux.  Tanner tools started out on Microsoft Windows and now you can choose to use … Continued