DAC 2020

DAC 2020

In the midst of the global pandemic we had a virtual DAC this year, number 57, so everything was online, at least that was the theory, although in practice I had a technical glitch just getting to the proper recorded sessions using Google Chrome browser, while Microsoft browsed OK.

For the first time ever DAC made a one minute explainer video:

Debbie DAC

Agile Analog

Tim Ramsdale, CEO of @AgileAnalog chatted with me at #57DAC, and they’re in growth mode providing customized Analog #SemiIP, quickly: LDO, ADC, DAC, temperature sensor, oscillators, voltage reference, comparators, charge pump. https://agileanalog.com

TIm Ramsdale
Tim Ramsdale, CEO, Agile Analog

Circuit Sutra

Umesh Sisodia, CEO at CircuitSutra is at #57DAC this week, a virtual conference, talking about using SystemC for virtual prototyping of SoC designs. They can help your team learn to model efficiently with SystemC. http://circuitsutra.com

Umesh Sisodia, CEO, Circuit Sutra
Umesh Sisodia, CEO, CircuitSutra

Concept Engineering

Pascal Bolzhauser and co-workers at Concept Engineering talked with me at #57DAC about how they’ve offered visualization tools for IC and RTL designers over the past 30 years, wow. Even automotive and medical companies benefit. https://concept.de

Pascal Bolzhauser, Concept Engineering


At #57DAC I talked with Kyle Tsai of Empyrean Software, and learned how NVIDA used the GPU-powered SPICE simulator ALPS-GT. You can run ALPS-GT in the cloud with AWS, that’s convenient. https://empyrean-tech.com

Kyle Tsai, Empyrean Software

Transcending RTL

Steve Hoover at Redwood EDA asked me to help review his panel session on Transcending RTL, kind of a look at what’s beyond HLS, panelists from: QBayLogic, Pyrope, Redwood EDA. Here’s the overview blog. All of the video presentations are on YouTube, thanks to Steve.

Transcending RTL

High Level Synthesis

I attended a panel discussion with speakers from Mentor, Inspirit IoT, Cadence, Synopsys, University of Tokyo. The blog is at SemiWiki.com

Inspirit IoT
Inspirit IoT


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The online experience at DAC was OK, because at least I got to meet several vendors and learn something new, but clearly the platform that the DAC committee used would’ve failed any simple QA testing by using a Google Chrome browser. I missed the chance sightings of familiar faces walking the exhibit halls, and the serendipity discussions that ensue.