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DAC 2020

DAC 2020

In the midst of the global pandemic we had a virtual DAC this year, number 57, so everything was online, at least that was the theory, although in practice I had a technical glitch just getting to the proper recorded sessions using Google Chrome browser, while Microsoft browsed OK.

For the first time ever DAC made a one minute explainer video:

Debbie DAC

Agile Analog

Tim Ramsdale, CEO of @AgileAnalog chatted with me at #57DAC, and they’re in growth mode providing customized Analog #SemiIP, quickly: LDO, ADC, DAC, temperature sensor, oscillators, voltage reference, comparators, charge pump.

TIm Ramsdale
Tim Ramsdale, CEO, Agile Analog

Circuit Sutra

Umesh Sisodia, CEO at CircuitSutra is at #57DAC this week, a virtual conference, talking about using SystemC for virtual prototyping of SoC designs. They can help your team learn to model efficiently with SystemC.

Umesh Sisodia, CEO, Circuit Sutra
Umesh Sisodia, CEO, CircuitSutra

Concept Engineering

Pascal Bolzhauser and co-workers at Concept Engineering talked with me at #57DAC about how they’ve offered visualization tools for IC and RTL designers over the past 30 years, wow. Even automotive and medical companies benefit.

Pascal Bolzhauser, Concept Engineering


At #57DAC I talked with Kyle Tsai of Empyrean Software, and learned how NVIDA used the GPU-powered SPICE simulator ALPS-GT. You can run ALPS-GT in the cloud with AWS, that’s convenient.

Kyle Tsai, Empyrean Software

Transcending RTL

Steve Hoover at Redwood EDA asked me to help review his panel session on Transcending RTL, kind of a look at what’s beyond HLS, panelists from: QBayLogic, Pyrope, Redwood EDA. Here’s the overview blog. All of the video presentations are on YouTube, thanks to Steve.

Transcending RTL

High Level Synthesis

I attended a panel discussion with speakers from Mentor, Inspirit IoT, Cadence, Synopsys, University of Tokyo. The blog is at

Inspirit IoT
Inspirit IoT


Yes, bloggers love a free Starbucks Card, thank you.


The online experience at DAC was OK, because at least I got to meet several vendors and learn something new, but clearly the platform that the DAC committee used would’ve failed any simple QA testing by using a Google Chrome browser. I missed the chance sightings of familiar faces walking the exhibit halls, and the serendipity discussions that ensue.