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Phil Kaufman Award & Banquet

The GlassHouse 2 S Market Street, San Jose, CA

The Phil Kaufman Award¬†honors individuals who have had a demonstrable impact on the field of electronic system design through technology innovations, education/mentoring, or business or industry leadership. The award was established as a tribute to Phil Kaufman, the late industry pioneer who turned innovative technologies into commercial businesses that have benefited electronic designers. Time 6:30… Read More »Phil Kaufman Award & Banquet

DATE 2023

Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp Antwerp

The DATE conference is the main European event bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers and vendors as well as specialists in the hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. DATE puts a strong emphasis on both technology and systems, covering ICs/SoCs, reconfigurable hardware and embedded systems as well… Read More »DATE 2023

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