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Workshop on Open-Source EDA Technology

November 3, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm PDT

WOSET 2022

Virtually co-sponsored by ICCAD 2022 on November 3, 2022!

The WOSET workshop aims to galvanize the open-source EDA movement. The workshop will bring together EDA researchers who are committed to open-source principles to share their experiences and coordinate efforts towards developing a reliable, fully open-source EDA flow. The workshop will feature presentations and posters that overview existing or under-development open-source tools, designs and technology libraries. A live demo session for tools in advanced state will be planned. The workshop will feature a panel on the present status and future challenges in open-source EDA, and how to coordinate efforts and ensure quality and interoperability across open-source tools.


There is no registration fee. The workshop is virtual. Please register through Zoom to attend the live sessions.


The 2022 WOSET paper proceedings is available at WOSET 2022


The 2022 WOSET schedule is available at WOSET Schedule. Please register through Zoom to attend the live sessions.



  • Jose Renau, UC Santa Cruz (Co-Chair)
  • Matthew Guthaus, UC Santa Cruz (Co-Chair)

Program Committee

  • Matthew Guthaus, UC Santa Cruz
  • Jose Renau, UC Santa Cruz
  • Matthew Venn, YosysHQ & ChipFlow
  • Rajit Manohar, Yale University
  • Scott Temple, University of Utah
  • Jonathan Balkind, UC Santa Barbara
  • Tobias Grosser, University of Edinburgh

Web Chairs

  • Jesse Cirimeli-Low, UC Santa Cruz
  • Sakshi Garg, UC Santa Cruz

Papers 1

Time (PST) Duration (Minutes) Article # Author(s) Title
8:00 AM 20 12 Wijerathne, Li, Karunarathne, Mitra, Peh Morpher: An Open-Source Integrated Compilation and Simulation Framework for CGRA
8:20 AM 20 20 Xu, Xiao, Luo, Liang A MLIR-Based Hardware Synthesis Framework
8:40 AM 20 10 Zhu, Yin, Wang, Tan GreenRio: A Modern RISC-V Microprocessor Completely Designed with An Agile Open-source EDA Flow
9:00 AM 20 5 Goldstein, Edwards Accessibility of Chip Design to the Non-Professional
9:20 AM 20 9 Manohar xcell: a cell library characterizer for combinational and state-holding gates
9:40 AM 20 18 Liang, Edwards IRSIM: A Switch-Level Simulator and Dynamic Power Analysis Tool

Poster Presentations

Time (PST) Duration (Minutes) Article # Author(s) Title
10:00 AM 60 4 Kashif, Ahmed, Karim Bitstream Chef
6 Shahzaib, Kashif, Ahmed, Karim SoC-Now: An Open-Source Web based RISC-V SoC Generator
7 Jia, Luo, Lu, Liang TensorLib: A Spatial Accelerator Generation Framework for Tensor Algebra
8 Ahmed, Cirimelli-Low, Guthaus OpenRegFile: Open-Source Register File Generation
13 Schoeberl, Pezzarossa From Chisel to Chips with Open-Source Tools
16 Jayaraman, Huang, Renau The Hardware Interchange Format
17 Kemmerer PipelineC: Easy open-source hardware description between RTL and HLS

Papers 2

Time (PST) Duration (Minutes) Article # Author(s) Title
11:00 AM 20 1 Birch Open source FPGA-based emulation with Nexus
11:20 AM 20 11 Eriksson, Vora A Java Backend for ESSENT
11:40 AM 20 19 Korbel Rapid Open Hardware Development Framework
12:00 PM 20 3 Agostini, Curzel, Limaye, Amatya, Minutoli, Castellana, Manzano, Ferrandi, Tumeo SODA Synthesizer: an Open-Source, End-to-End Hardware Compiler
12:20 PM 20 2 Euphrosine Accelerate Silicon Design with Jupyter Notebooks
12:40 PM 20 15 Hugg 8bitworkshop: An Interactive Verilog Learning Tool
1:00 PM 20 14 Nishizawa, Nakura Library characterizer for open-source VLSI design


November 3, 2022
8:00 am - 2:00 pm PDT
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