Virtue and EDA

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Last night I attended a lecture from Dr. Shannon Vallor about techno-morality as part of the Linus Pauling series in Portland, Oregon. Thank you Mentor Graphics for the invitation. She has written a book on the subject entitled, Technoscience and … Continued

Merry Christmas 2015

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I receive a lot of email each week and the run up to Christmas is one of my favorite times of year as companies send out a Holiday Greeting. Here are some that I’ve received and wanted to share with … Continued

EDA and Philanthropy

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In a recession what EDA company would invest in philanthropy? Actually, many EDA companies have a long-term vision to be philanthropic and encourage a love for science in our younger generation. This month I was invited by Mentor Graphics to … Continued

EDA without using the Acronym EDA

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Two press releases came out today and they were both from major EDA companies that are now starting to position themselves without using the EDA acronym. Perhaps this is a new but subtle trend to remove the old-fashioned EDA label … Continued

SPICE update from Mentor

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I talked with See-Mei Chan, Technical Marketing Manager at Mentor this morning because we couldn’t connect in Anaheim earlier this week. I wanted to better understand what is new with Eldo, the SPICE circuit simulator at Mentor. Q: How is … Continued

Farewell to Wally Rhines at Mentor?

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A friend just sent me the news link that Carl Icahn is making a bid to control Mentor Graphics with a 6.9% equity position in MENT stock. Of course that news helped boost the share price of Mentor Graphics. What … Continued

Mentor Warms up to 3D Field Solvers

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When I consulted for the start-up company Physware on their new 3d Field Solver 5 years ago it dawned on me – IC designers really need the accuracy of 3D Field Solvers to create their frequency-dependent s-parameters for circuit simulation. … Continued

Windows Vista and the Falcon Framework

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I just upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and it got me thinking about Mentor’s Falcon Framework. How are the two even related? When Microsoft introduced Vista they assumed that the installed base of XP users would … Continued

Another PCB Acquistion by Mentor

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Paying just 2X annual revenue at $82M we learned that Mentor is acquiring a company called Valor Computerized Systems today. This appears to be another smart move by Mentor and should pay for itself in a few years if product … Continued

EDA Stock Price Snapshot

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A picture is worth a thousand words, at least to an engineer like me so let’s see what happened in the past 3 months:EDA Stocks, August 23, 2008 Mentor is up about 10%, Synopsys down about 16%, Magma down about … Continued