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A picture is worth a thousand words, at least to an engineer like me so let’s see what happened in the past 3 months:EDA Stocks, August 23, 2008EDA Stocks, August 23, 2008

Mentor is up about 10%, Synopsys down about 16%, Magma down about 18%, finally Cadence down some 30%. Clearly our industry is hurting with three of the top four EDA companies in a downward stock price trend.From a higher perspective I see that the big three indexes also down from a few percent to almost 10% (S&P, Nasdaq, Dow ). That makes EDA look a little better, although EDA stocks are faring worse than the averages.Innovation is still needed to automate the toughest emerging problems that chip and system-designers are facing. We need some more “must-have” tools from R&D and soon.

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  1. pedwards6963

    Perhaps the large EDA players should look at some of the innovations available with small software companies… like VerIC Systems. In turn, EDA users paying huge dollars could find solutions by looking “outside the box”.

    Paul Edwards
    Kamuela, Hawaii

  2. harry the ASIC guy

    Hi Daniel,

    I had to do a double take because I generated almost the identical chart on Yahoo last week, except I has added in Rambus and MIPS. I posted an analysis of last week’s Mentor and Synopsys earnings releases on my blog as well.

    hary the ASIC guy

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