Last month Infinisim announced its SPICE circuit simulator called RASER.

They don’t want to label it a Fast SPICE tool because that implies less accuracy, so I’m going to place it in the Analog Fast SPICE tool category competing with Berkeley Design Automation.

Who wants this kind of tool?

Mostly IC circuit designers doing analog and mixed-signal designs that have simulation runs measured in days or weeks. They want to go faster and yet not lose any accuracy. RASER promises to cut these simulation times by at least 10X and often much more.

Most Fast SPICE tools that I’m aware of (HSIM, NanoSim, ADiT, UltraSim, OmegaSim) have analog modes that dial in the accuracy to match SPICE. So Infinisim has plenty of perceived competition and they are the new simulator on the block, so give them a test case and see how it works for you.

Arda Technologies is the first customer success story for Infinisim, so stay tuned for bigger name customer wins if RASER can prove itself in Silicon Valley accounts.