Bye, Bye Gemini

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I’ve blogged about Gemini before:

In December 2009 I first heard that Gemini DA was in play by my Silicon Valley sources, then today we read in Cooley’s ESNUG that redirects to

Their tool was yet another Parallel FastSPICE circuit simulator.

Evidently it wasn’t selling enough or different enough from the other commercial tools being offered.

I love to see the little guy shake up the marketplace, although in this case it appears that Synopsys has acquired the technology with little fanfare.

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  1. Daniel Payne

    My anonymous source reports the following account:

    Against your blog there was the reason of key technology Synopsys acquired with Gemini DA.

    There was (is) technology, which is unique not done by anyone else. Looking who were behind in the endeavour, Dr. Baolin Yan, the expert in parallel circuit simulation, creator of Spectre and Ultrasim, and John Qian, the transistor modeling expert, plus others, it was a real technology acquisition.

    Gemini also had a unique way of model solving, plus especially circuit matrix solving technology, directly targetable to multi-core, multi-threading computing architectures, which no one in EDA industry previously had.

    Synopsys most probably will integrate these into their future analog simulator.

    Obviously there was a customer too highly valued for Synopsys, which Gemini got against Synopsys, and this broke the camel’s back.

    Just FYI. Please do not mention my name if you want to publish this.

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