Cadence adds Parallel SPICE to Spectre

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The need for speed is ever present to transistor-level circuit design engineers and now Cadence offers them some instant relief with APS – Accelerated Parallel Simulator. In the press release we read from actual customers that have 10x to 20x speed ups without a loss in accuracy.

I was just curious about pricing and the press release omits that part, but I’ll guess that it’s between $50K and $60K list price, given that most plain SPICE tools are about $25K and the Fast SPICE tools weigh in at $100K.

Cadence joins the club of parallel SPICE vendors: Magma, Infinisim, Gemini, Nascentric, Silvaco.

When will Mentor join the fray?

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  1. ArmaGeden

    Hi Dan, Synopsys has been providing multi-threaded HSPICE solutions for over 2 years now. In March 2008 we announced even further improvements to HSPICE multi-threading and HSPICE core performance. HSPICE is 3x faster on a single CPU and over 6x on 4 CPU. HSPICE capacity is now well into the 100’s of thousands of transistors with millions of RC elements. With even more improvements in the pipeline this is a very exciting time in Circuit Simulation.


  2. Daniel


    I apologize for the mistake on omitting HSPICE from the parallel SPICE list, the post has been updated to correct it. Your product is on the right track to exploit the compute hardware and solve bigger simulation problems in a shorter period of time.

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