Cadence crash followed by an ambulance chaser

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What a way to crash the former #1 EDA company:

  1. Start a hostile bid for another company amidst an uproar of opposition
  2. Fail in your hostile bid, blame the smaller company
  3. Miss your quarterly sales numbers, stock gets hammered 30% in one day
  4. Resign with your Intel cronies
  5. Restate company earnings because you were inflating the numbers, more price crashing
  6. Attract a class-action lawsuit from an ambulance chaser in Colorado (Dyer & Berens)

Let’s get back to the business of innovation and creating must-have EDA technologies and flows for the bleeding edge to main-stream users.

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  1. Sean Murphy

    I didn’t see this one coming, it can only add to Cadence’s headaches. I think the real risk is not the damages on this first round but amended complaints after e-discovery. Once they go through everyone’s e-mail with a fine tooth comb they may come up with some interesting additional information. I am not sure how much legal protection and support Cadence will extend to the departed execs, they may have some interesting tales to tell. If Fister stays at loose ends he may end up giving a lot of depositions.

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