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Cadence Eats Humble Pie

Cadence Design Systems

I had to laugh out loud when I read the press release where Cadence blames Mentor for their own failed bid.

Even more laughable was Mentor’s feigned “shock” at Cadence withdrawing their hostile bid. I’m 100% certain that there is joy and partying going on at Mentor in Wilsonville as I type these words.

I blogged earlier that this deal wasn’t going to happen and the Cadence was going to blame weak finances.

I still predict that Michael Fister will be ousted or soon leave Cadence to “pursue other interests”.

4 thoughts on “Cadence Eats Humble Pie”

    1. Cooley loves consulting and blogging, so he will stay put for the time.

      Cadence was clearly shocked at the quickness of the resignation, otherwise they would’ve had their internal replacement ready to go on the same day.

      Having a committee run the company is another poor decision because companies need a single CEO to provide clarity and leadership.

      Cadence needs to seriously reconsider the total compensation package for all of their executives because they have been paying at least 3-8X what Synopsys, Mentor or Magma are paying for the same job description.

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