CK Lee, Yong Dai

CK Lee, CEO of CyberEDA

History – Epic, Synopsys, Nassda, Synopsys

Analog Design Debugging System (ADDS) – Helps IC designer to find bugs, RC values, compare simulation results.

–          Still in beta stage right now

Yong Dai, President of China branch (PhD EE, Cadence, Synopsys)
PCSIM – Parallel Circuit SIMulator

–          True SPICE simulator without Fast SPICE approximations (sounds similar to Berkeley Design Automation)

–          10X faster than SPICE when using 8 CPUs, 3X faster than SPICE using 1 CPU

–          Millions of devices capacity (2 million MOS, R, C customer netlist even on 1 CPU)

–          Better than SPICE accurate mode

–          User friendly interface

PLL example – PCSIM results looks like competitor most accurate mode

Customers – Located in Taiwan.

Pricing – $25K for a one year license

OS – Linux (Red Hat, SUSE), Windows