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Daniel’s DAC list of companies to see

DAC 2008

I’m a SPICE and transistor-level IC guy so will make the rounds on Monday to see:

  • Nascentric (OmegaSim – FastSPICE)
  • Berkeley DA (Analog FastSPICE)
  • Synopsys (HSIM, NanoSim – FastSPICE)
  • Mentor (AdIT – FastSPICE)
  • Cadence (UltraSim – FastSPICE)
  • Xoomsys (parallel SPICE)
  • Magma (FineSim PRO – FastSPICE)

For IC layout tools:

  • Ciranova
  • Micro Magic
  • Analog Rails
  • Magma

Hopefully serendipity will lead me to discover some amazing  new gems.

You’ll recognize me as the guy from Oregon who is squinting in all of that California sunshine because we haven’t seen much of that in 2008 yet. Check out the DAC list from Gary Smith.

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