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Free Custom IC Layout Tools

Cadence dominates the custom IC layout market and CiraNova gets a lot of attention about automating analog layout, but I’m here to tell you about an interesting company called Micro Magic that is offering a free IC layout viewer called MAX-View.

Their demo is outrageous because they can load, pan, zoom and edit a design with 1 Trillion transistors! No other IC editor I know of will give you that capacity and responsiveness.

Like CiraNova they also support OpenAccess, a Cadence-led standard.

Ask for Mark Mangum at DAC in booth #764.

3 thoughts on “Free Custom IC Layout Tools”

    1. Harry,

      Good point about Stabie Soft offering IC layout tools priced from $100 to $8,000 per year. I keep wondering how founder Mike Stabenfeldt is spending that $2.5M he received from Magma just two years ago.

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