You-Pang Wei, President of Legend Design

MSIM – SPICE simulator for IC and PCB, IBIS verification. Able to simulate RF, Std Cells and LCD (using Hybrid models). Measured data can be used to correct deficiencies in standard SPICE models. Used by the memory characterization tool mostly and can be used stand alone.

Turbo MSIM – Fast SPICE circuit simulator and can also use the Hybrid models. Co-simulates with Verilog A, good for Flash memory designers and LCD designs. Handles hierarchical designs. Example of SRAM with 50,546,176 MOS devices took 99 seconds to complete a transient analysis. Benchmark results show about 3X faster speed and same accuracy as other FastSPICE simulators.

Customers –CPU Company (Taiwan), most of the memory characterization companies. Silicon Library Technology (Japan). Conexant (US), Large Chinese Telecom company, Korean Foundry.

Multi-Thread results – 1 thread is 319seconds, 8 threads is 57 seconds (5.6x). No up-charge for mult-threading.

Pricing – MSIM starts at $15K for 3 year lease, Turbo MSIM starts at $100K for 3 years.

Models supported – Verilog A, CMI, TMI, LCD, S-parameters

Input netlists – HSPICE, Eldo, Spectre

New feature – Matrix Solver Selector, run this on designs with many RC elements and get 14X speed up and 2.6X less memory usage.

RC Reduction – built-in feature to reduce run times from 12.2X to 30X for extracted netlists. Accuracy is within 1% of un-reduced results.

Subcircuit SPICE models – supported for 65nm and smaller nodes. Reasonable RAM usage with subcircuit models.

MSIM Design manager – Show your schematics, control the simulation, view the results, manage test bench.