On Monday night at DAC I was treated to dinner and entertainment courtesy of Mentor Graphics. At DAC they like to invite press, customers, vendors and now bloggers like me.

A bus whisked us away from the Moscone Center to The City Club of San Francisco. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres were free flowing followed by a sumptuous dinner and delectable dessert.

Wally did manage to squeeze in some info about Mentor Graphics and kept it brief. Unlike the Sunday night DAC kickoff our packed room gave Mr. Rhines respect by listening to him.

To wind up the evening we watched a pianist play a calm, classical piece. Soon though the mood changed as we were entertained by a raucous performer who was a cross between Victor Borge and Harpo Marx. Unlike Borge who loved to chat with the audience and tell stories, our pianist entertainer was mute, hence the Harpo Marx moniker. We laughed our heads off at witnessing such physical comedy stunts on the piano like playing the piano from under the keyboard, backwards, and over his head (kind of like in the movie Amadeus).

Thank you Mentor for such a classy evening.