I’ll be visiting the following list of EDA companies at DAC this year and writing what I learn about each one:

ACCIT – Parallel SPICE, http://www.accit-newsystemsresearch.com/

Altos DA – Cell characterization, http://www.altos-da.com/

Analog Rails – schematic driven layout, http://www.analograils.com/

*AnSyn – analog optimization, http://www.ansyn.com/

Apache DA – power, noise, reliability, http://www.apache-da.com/

*ATEEDA – analog test, http://www.ateeda.com/

Berkeley DA – Analog FastSPICE, http://www.berkeley-da.com

Cadence – AMS verification, http://www.cadence.com

CiraNova – Analog Layout Automation, http://www.ciranova.com/

Magma – FastSPICE, www.magma-da.com

Mentor – Questa ADMS, ADiT, http://www.mentor.com

*Mephisto DA – analog optimization, http://www.mephisto-da.com

Micro Magic – full custom IC layout, www.micromagic.com

*SkillCAD – accelerating custom IC layout, www.skillcad.com

Solido DA – analog design improvement, www.solidodesign.com

Springsoft – Laker, custom IC layout, www.springsoft.com

Synopsys – Custom SIM, Custom Designer, http://www.synopsys.com

Tela Innovations – 1D layout, www.tela-inc.com

Companies marked with an * are first-time DAC exhibitors. I’ll also be attending:

Monday – Mentor and ARM, lunch and learn
Tuesday – Synopsys AMS Verification breakfast

Tuesday – IPL luncheons

Tuesday – Denali party

Let me know if I’m missing any interesting transistor-level EDA companies.