My List of DAC Exhibitors

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I’ll be visiting the following list of EDA companies at DAC this year and writing what I learn about each one:

ACCIT – Parallel SPICE,

Altos DA – Cell characterization,

Analog Rails – schematic driven layout,

*AnSyn – analog optimization,

Apache DA – power, noise, reliability,

*ATEEDA – analog test,

Berkeley DA – Analog FastSPICE,

Cadence – AMS verification,

CiraNova – Analog Layout Automation,

Magma – FastSPICE,

Mentor – Questa ADMS, ADiT,

*Mephisto DA – analog optimization,

Micro Magic – full custom IC layout,

*SkillCAD – accelerating custom IC layout,

Solido DA – analog design improvement,

Springsoft – Laker, custom IC layout,

Synopsys – Custom SIM, Custom Designer,

Tela Innovations – 1D layout,

Companies marked with an * are first-time DAC exhibitors. I’ll also be attending:

Monday – Mentor and ARM, lunch and learn
Tuesday – Synopsys AMS Verification breakfast

Tuesday – IPL luncheons

Tuesday – Denali party

Let me know if I’m missing any interesting transistor-level EDA companies.

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  1. Thierry Villard

    Hi Daniel,

    I am sure you would be surprised by DOLPHIN offering in EDA. They will focus their presentation on analog, logic and mixed-signal simulation, design bug erradication and specific features for audio designers.

    I look forward to your visit.


  2. Thomas


    do you know of any SPICE simulator offering running on GPUs? (Graphic Chips such as NVidia).
    Supposedly they should run 10x faster on GPU.


  3. Daniel

    Nascentric is the only FastSPICE tool that I know of that is running on a GPU, although that company is not at DAC this year. Rahm Shastry is their CEO, I can introduce you if wanted.

  4. Gene Forte

    Other stuff of interest at the Mentor booth:
    *Verifying IP in Complex SoC Designs
    *Rapid Implementation of Low-Power Mobile Devices
    *Programmable electrical rule checking
    *Calibre-Olympus Integration
    *Partnering for DFM Compliant IP Seminar
    *Schedule a Three-Way Conversation with Mentor and TSMC to Discuss Your Unique Design and Manufacturing Challenges

  5. Jean Armstrong

    Hi Daniel,
    I think you should check out Lynguent®, Inc. They are in booth #4060 in the North Hall. The company delivers innovative solutions that address the growing complexity of analog and mixed-signal design. Their ModLyng™ Integrated Modeling Environment is a graphical toolset that helps dramatically cut AMS model creation, maintenance, debug and simulation times. ModLyng also promotes design reuse by exporting models across leading AMS HDL simulation environments. With the addition of specialized toolkits,some of which will be announced just prior to DAC, customers are able to rapidly bridge system and circuit design as well as dramatically accelerate SoC verification.

  6. Daniel

    Good point. I’ll drop by either Monday or Tuesday. I remember talking with Martin Vlach a few years ago and could use an update on Lynguent.

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