The good financial news at Mentor was a profit for the quarter. The bad news was that layoffs are coming caused by a decrease in both revenues and profits.

Here are some tips to Mentor and other EDA employees on staying employed:

1) Don’t be the squeaky wheel, they get placed on the layoff list. Instead, be the one who volunteers for more projects.

2) Align yourself with product groups that are growing in sales, not groups that are declining. Keep networked within the company and position yourself as a capable contributor, be interested in other groups and ideas. Make a transfer before it’s too late.

3) Reinvent yourself. Have a goal of continual education. Take opportunities to attend classes offered by your company, even invest outside of the company for classes that improve your skills and experience. Join industry organizations, volunteer.

4) Make your contributions known to your direct manager and one level above that. Don’t assume that your manager is remembering to promote your value to their manager.

5) Try social networking in your industry. and Plaxo are two popular groups with an emphasis on keeping in touch with business associates, former classmates, and even your customers. Find out if your company frowns on you using this type of networking during business hours.

6) Find a Mentor within your company that believes in you and is willing to provide direction, support and ideas on how to improve your career path.

All the best to you in keeping employed in EDA for 2009 and beyond.