Tanner EDA Tools Now on Linux

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Linux is a mainstream OS used by IC designers worldwide so Tanner EDA has good timing in offering a full-flow Analog IC Design Suite on Linux.  Tanner tools started out on Microsoft Windows and now you can choose to use Linux as well. This reminds me of the same OS transition that Viewlogic went through in the 90’s.

With the release of HiPer Silicon v15.02 you can see a redesigned waveform editor, improved database and integration with the device and structure generators.

EDAC keeps an updated EDA Industry OS Roadmap which lists: Windows XP, Windows 7, RHEL 5 and SLES 11 as the active operating systems.

With 33,000 licenses shipped I expect to see Tanner EDA to continue in growth mode even during a recession.

I’d like to see Tanner EDA adopt the OpenAccess database in order to better fit into the IC design flow dominated by Cadence. I see that Tanner EDA is part of www.iplnow.com but I haven’t seen any product plans announced yet.

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  1. Jeff Miller

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the coverage. As you noticed, we’ve recently joined both the IPL Alliance and Si2. We have started work on OA versions of our tools, with delivery expected sometime around DAC 2011. Now that it’s starting to see wider adoption, we’re very excited about the flexibility OpenAccess will bring to EDA users.

    Jeff Miller
    Product Manager
    Tanner EDA

  2. Daniel Payne


    Good move on OA, it pays to go with the IC flow de-facto standards.


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