It’s been widely reported that for every $1 spent on EDA tools that the users end up spending another $3 to make the flow of tools work together. This means job security for CAD groups however it’s a drain on the budget and slows down productive design work.

Synopsys just announced something called L y n x Design System that addresses this issue of managing EDA tools flows, for both Synopsys and other tools.

You get three basic technologies with L y n x:

* Runtime Manager
* Management Cockpit
* Foundry Checks

This is a good idea and has been around for over a decade. At Viewlogic in the 90’s we offered this kind of product, Mentor had this with the infamous 8.0 Falcon Framework release, and every FPGA tool vendor today offers a pre-packaged flow.

My big unanswered question is one of pricing. Like Cadence it appears that Synopsys will require that you call an Account Manager (sales person) to get a price quote. I’d say that L y n x is worth about $15-50K.

CAD groups will now have to consider whether they should cobble together their own flow or just use the L y n x Design System instead.

You may have to purchase some consulting time from Synopsys to get L y n x up and running faster than by reading the manual and blazing your own trail.

On a pure marketing note, why didn’t Synopsys trademark their new product name?