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Rambus Design Summit 2023

July 18 @ 8:00 am - July 19 @ 5:00 pm PDT

Rambus, July 18-19, 2023

Back for its fourth year, the Rambus Design Summit is a virtual conference focused on the key technologies critical to enabling performance and security for data center, AI/ML, automotive and IoT applications.

Agenda + Abstracts

Rambus Design Summit will take place over two days, with day one focusing on memory & interface solutions, and day two on security solutions. Take a look at the agenda below – all times in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Tackling advanced data center workloads requires ever increasing levels of memory bandwidth and capacity, as well as high-speed interconnects. Hear Rambus technology experts share their insights on future memory and interconnect requirements in the data center covering critical enabling technologies including DDR5, HBM3, PCIe 6.0, GDDR6, LPDDR5X, CXL, and MIPI/VESA video compression.

Time Session
8:00am Keynote: CXL Technology: Revolutionizing the Data Center

Speaker: Mark Orthodoxou, Vice President of Strategic Marketing
Abstract: The need for more memory bandwidth and capacity continues to rise, with applications like generative AI pushing current data center infrastructure to the limit. The leading companies at every level of the data center value chain are coalescing around CXL technology as a path to revolutionize the data center. Join Mark Orthodoxou to hear how CXL promises tremendous gains in computing performance by bridging the latency gap between direct-attached DRAM main memory and solid-state storage, as well as enabling new tiered-memory solutions and composable architectures.

8:30am Innovations in CXL 3.0: Novel Device Types, Capabilities, and Interconnects

Speaker: Danny Moore, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Abstract: CXL 3.0 introduces several compelling new features to address the rapidly evolving demands of future data centers. A new device type, CXL Multi-Headed Devices, has been introduced to support simultaneous connection to multiple hosts. CXL Dynamic Capacity Device (DCD) capability simplifies migration of memory resources between hosts. New CXL Fabrics offer substantial scale and flexibility in architectural design. Danny Moore will discuss these important new developments in the CXL standard.

9:00am System Level Design Considerations for PCIe 6.0

Speaker: Lou Ternullo, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Abstract: PCIe 6.0 offers many new and exciting features including a 64 GT/s data rate, PAM4 signaling, forward error correction, and a low power L0p mode. In this presentation, Lou Ternullo will walk you through all the system design considerations you will need to know before getting started on your PCIe 6.0 design, including how to get the most out of each of the PCIe devices.

9:30am Leveraging VESA Video Compression & MIPI DSI-2 for High-Performance Displays

Speakers: Simon Bussières, Director of Systems Architecture
Joe Rodriguez, Product Marketing Manager
Abstract: Visually lossless video compression is essential for handling the growing bandwidth requirements of cutting-edge displays with higher resolutions, faster refresh rates, and greater pixel depths. This presentation will show designers how they can develop cutting-edge display products without compromising on display quality, battery life or cost using a combination of VESA video compression and MIPI DSI-2 technology.

10:00am Meeting the Needs of Generative AI Training with HBM3

Speaker: Frank Ferro, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Abstract: Generative AI training models are growing in both size and sophistication at a lightning pace, requiring more and more bandwidth. With its unique 2.5D/3D architecture, HBM3 can deliver Terrabytes per second of bandwidth at a system level. Join Frank Ferro to hear how HBM helps designers address the needs of state-of-the-art AI training models.

10:30am Powering AI/ML Inference with GDDR6 Memory

Speaker: Frank Ferro, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Abstract: GDDR6 memory offers an impressive combination of bandwidth, capacity, latency and power. Frank Ferro will discuss how these features make it the ideal memory choice for AI/ML inference at the edge and highlight some of the key design considerations you need to keep in mind when implementing GDDR6 memory at ultra-high data rates.

11:00am LPDDR5X: Delivering High Bandwidth and Power Efficiency

Speaker: Vinitha Seevaratnam, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Abstract: The bandwidth and low power characteristics of LPDDR make it an increasingly attractive choice of memory for applications in IoT, automotive, and edge computing. LPDDR5X takes performance to the next level with a data rate of up to 8.5 Gbps. Join Vinitha Seevaratnam to learn which applications can benefit from using LPDDR memory.

11:30am What’s Next for DDR5 Memory?

Speaker: John Eble, Vice President of Product Marketing
Abstract: With the industry now firmly on the path to enabling the next generation of servers with DDR5 memory, this presentation will look at what’s next in the DDR5 journey. Hear from John Eble on how DDR5 will scale to advanced performance levels, be deployed in new applications beyond RDIMMs, and how it is tailored for client computing systems.

12:00pm High-Performance Memory: Ask Me Anything

Speakers: Tim Messegee, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing
Steven Woo, Fellow and Distinguished Inventor
John Eble, Vice President of Product Marketing
Mark Orthodoxou, Vice President of Strategic Marketing
Frank Ferro, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Abstract: Generative AI is just one of the many applications driving the relentless need for better memory performance, capacity and efficiency in the data center. Join our experts as they discuss some of the biggest memory challenges facing the industry today, contemplate how the industry will innovate to meet future data center memory needs, and answer all your questions!

Security anchored in hardware provides the foundation for protecting data and devices at all stages of the semiconductor lifecycle. Join Rambus Security experts as they share their insights on security threats facing the industry including those that will arise in the era of quantum computers. Learn how you can protect hardware and data at rest, in motion and in use with Root of Trust, MACsec, Inline Memory Encryption, and more.

Time Session
8:00am Keynote: Emerging Security Challenges in Highly Interconnected Semiconductor Systems

Speaker: Neeraj Paliwal, VP General Manager
Abstract: The swift advancements and growing intricacy of highly interconnected semiconductor systems have led to numerous security challenges that pose risks to the integrity, reliability, and performance of modern AI-driven systems. This presentation delves into the primary emerging security threats, such as supply chain attacks, intellectual property theft, hardware Trojans, side-channel attacks, fault injection attacks, and the looming threat of quantum computers. Neeraj Paliwal will examine the consequences of these threats across different industries and discuss how a hardware “secure by design” architectural approach is essential to secure semiconductor systems.

8:30am Selecting the right Root of Trust HSM Design for Your Next Project

Speaker: Bart Stevens, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Abstract: A Root of Trust is the secure security foundation for a semiconductor or electronic system. In this presentation, Bart Stevens will guide you through the labyrinth of Root of Trust designs, including what problems they can solve and what solutions are available to implement in your next silicon design.

9:00am Protecting Devices and Data in the Quantum Era

Speakers: Gijs Willemse, Senior Director of Product Management
Abstract: Quantum computers will eventually become powerful enough to break traditional asymmetric cryptographic methods, that is, some of the most common security protocols used to protect sensitive electronic data. This presentation will highlight the recent developments in post-quantum cryptography and discuss how designers can get ready for the quantum era.

9:30am Hardware Security: Ask Me Anything

Speaker: Tim Messegee, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing
Bart Stevens, Senior Director of Product Marketing
Gijs Willemse, Senior Director of Product Management
Scott Best, Senior Technical Director
Abstract: Whether it’s security technology trends, the threat of quantum computers, implementation issues or anything in between, our security experts are ready to tackle your questions in this Ask Me Anything session.

10:00am Securing MCUs with SCA Protection in IoT Designs

Speaker: Marcel Van Loon, Senior Principal Engineer Systems Architecture
Abstract: A side-channel attack (SCA) is a security exploit that attempts to extract secrets from a chip or a system. This presentation will give an overview of some of the most common types of SCA and highlight the countermeasures that designers can implement to diminish risk in low-power IoT designs.

10:30am Cybersecurity: A Top Priority for the Automotive Industry

Speaker: Adiel Bahrouch, Director of Business Development
Abstract: Automotive systems, and the semiconductors used within them, are some of the most complex electronics seen today. That complexity is set to dramatically rise as cars reach new levels of automation. This presentation will explore how designers can navigate the delicate balance between achieving new levels of performance and automation, while meeting the safety and security requirements unique to the automotive industry.

11:00am The Convergence of MACsec and IPsec in Data Center Silicon Designs

Speaker: Maxim Demchenko, Technical Director
Abstract: Data centers continue to adopt full line-rate security at various levels and use cases. Layer 2 (MACsec) and Layer 3 (IPsec) protocols are used to protect either full links or specific subnets or even customer-driven virtual networks. The integration of multiple security protocols is becoming an important requirement for data center silicon that aims to support multiple use cases. Join Maxim Demchenko to learn about the requirements for adding MACsec/IPsec into data center silicon designs.

11:30am Memory Encryption for Data in Use Protection to Enable Confidential Computing in Data Center Designs

Speaker: Ajay Kapoor, Senior Principal Engineer Systems Architecture
Abstract: There is a growing industry consensus on the imperative of incorporating memory encryption in computing architectures for protecting data in use. Designing and implementing a secure memory encryption system can be complex and comes with unique challenges from both the memory and security technology perspectives. Join Ajay Kapoor to learn how memory encryption can be used in your next data center design to enable confidential computing.

12:00pm Securing the Semiconductor Supply Chain with Silicon Provisioning and Cloud Key Management

Speaker: Matt Orzen, Technical Director Systems Architecture
Abstract: The semiconductor industry is the lifeblood of the digital economy. The design, manufacturing and consumption of chips is a global ecosystem, and competition is fierce as scaling and cost reductions based on Moore’s law are diminishing. Counterfeit and other unauthorized chips create real risks in areas of reliability, functionality, performance and safety. This presentation will discuss how semiconductor companies can protect their IP and business by securely provisioning silicon, and the means to provide the ecosystem-wide capabilities needed to verify the identity and provenance of semiconductor devices.


July 18 @ 8:00 am PDT
July 19 @ 5:00 pm PDT
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