EDA and Philanthropy

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In a recession what EDA company would invest in philanthropy? Actually, many EDA companies have a long-term vision to be philanthropic and encourage a love for science in our younger generation. This month I was invited by Mentor Graphics to … Continued

EDA without using the Acronym EDA

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Two press releases came out today and they were both from major EDA companies that are now starting to position themselves without using the EDA acronym. Perhaps this is a new but subtle trend to remove the old-fashioned EDA label … Continued

Magma’s Titan – Analog Elegance

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Last Friday I had an online meeting with Ashutosh Mauskar, vice president of Magma’s Custom Design Business Unit to learn what was new with the Titan product lineup. Magma has been very involved with interoperable PDK libraries, or IPL so … Continued

EDA Stock Price Snapshot

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A picture is worth a thousand words, at least to an engineer like me so let’s see what happened in the past 3 months:EDA Stocks, August 23, 2008 Mentor is up about 10%, Synopsys down about 16%, Magma down about … Continued

Daniel’s DAC list of companies to see

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I’m a SPICE and transistor-level IC guy so will make the rounds on Monday to see: Nascentric (OmegaSim – FastSPICE) Berkeley DA (Analog FastSPICE) Synopsys (HSIM, NanoSim – FastSPICE) Mentor (AdIT – FastSPICE) Cadence (UltraSim – FastSPICE) Xoomsys (parallel SPICE) … Continued